The “groups” function allows you to create closed groups of users in order to monitor their position on the map and to communicate with participants through messages, voice messages or sending images.

To create a group, choose the “groups” item from the menu, enter the name you want to give to the group and select the boxes below if you want to give participants the opportunity to leave the group at any time, or the possibility to see the other participants on the map. Click on “create” and in the new window enter the complete nickname for each individual user you want to add to the group.

When the system shows the chosen user, click on the invite button. At this point the user will receive a notification with the request to join the group and once accepted he will join it. The group administrator can send chat messages to all users or private messages to individual participants. You can also remove one or more participants at any time, or close the group.

At the first start you can add only 2 users to the group, then you can increase by one unit for every 100 points acquired up to a maximum of 10 users plus the creator of the group. It is also possible to create multiple groups, but always with a maximum total of 10 people.

To activate the function it will be sufficient to go to the groups section and send a request for participation to the user / users you wish to add. Once the request has been accepted, the group will be displayed on the map with all its functions.

When creating a group, the administrator can decide whether the participants will be able to leave the group without his or her consent, and whether each participant will be able to locate the others on the map.