By tapping the SOS icon, a window will open with two types of emergency: MEDICAL EMERGENCY and PHYSICAL SAFETY. When the icon corresponding to the type of emergency requested is pressed, the system will notify users in the set radius of the request for assistance, and simultaneously start a call to the public emergency number of the country in question. If in that country the numbers were differentiated according to the type of emergency, you will be put in contact with the public number relating to the type of emergency selected.

Users who receive the notification of an SOS within the preset radius with respect to their position, will see the SOS icon located on the map at the point where the request for help started. They will see the type of emergency, whether medical or physical, and will have the opportunity to chat with the applicant for help. Entering the chat declaring the intention to intervene is essential when more people decide to intervene so that they can communicate and plan the intervention.