The reports are used to prevent other users from finding themselves in situations of danger, difficulty, or simply not pleasant.

To make the use of this function more intuitive, the reports are divided into three categories (human cause, natural cause, ecological crimes).

Once the category has been selected, the user can select the type of report to be made via a drop-down menu, and possibly leave a description.

As for requests for help, also in this case, the level of criticality can be yellow (medium / low criticality) or red (medium / high criticality)


– demonstrations/protests

– clashes/aggressions

– harassing people

– other


– collapses

– fire/explosions

– flooding

– landslides

– other


– illegal landfill

– liquid spills

– abandoned waste

– other

When there is an alert on the map, other users who are in the area or who pass through it later, tapping on the alert, can insert developments in the situation in order to keep the alert up to date and eventually allow those who made it to close it when it appears that the situation has returned to normal.

The report will be closed automatically by the system after 10 days from the opening.