The project

The AnyHelp App was born from the idea of ​​creating a tool that can help anyone who is in difficulty or should see other people in difficulty, giving the possibility to launch real-time requests for intervention modulated according to the nature and severity of the emergency itself.

Requests for help can concern any need and not just serious situations. How many times have we had to solve even a small problem for which the help of a person, a tool, a piece of rope or a bottle of water would have been enough. From being broken down with his vehicle, to medical or physical safety emergencies, the user can launch a geolocated request for intervention with different levels of urgency.

AnyHelp aims to become a reliable point of reference able to compensate for those emergencies or critical issues for which public service resources can be saved, or if necessary, able to integrate with public emergency services in cases where it is necessary their intervention.

The goal is to bring people to be well disposed to provide help if they are able to do so, and confident in asking for it when necessary, precisely because it is part of a reliable and safe community.

In addition to requesting and providing help, users become fundamental in signaling on the map areas or situations that could be risky for others, such as demonstrations or clashes, crimes against the person, against property or ecological, and all those random events such as fires, landslides, floods, collapses, etc.

Another particularly interesting function is the possibility of creating groups (or individual users) that can be monitored on the map and with which it is possible to interact in real time through private chats, group chats, exchange of voice messages and images.