AnyHelp Control Panel
Web Based Solution for Companies and Organizations

AnyHelp Control Panel is a web based solution that, by exploiting the features and functionality of the AnyHelp App, provides a secure and flexible tool for management, localization, and communication with different groups of users belonging to the same organization.

The possibility for each user to send geo-localized reports on the map relating to multiple types of events is fundamental.

Initially designed for companies / organizations operating in the field of safety / security or monitoring of the territory, following continuous development it is now used in various areas such as transport, logistics, tourism, or all those organizations that have operators / collaborators in the area. , or need to report events on the map or requests for help.

The information flow

in addition to communications, it includes the possibility of sending documents (word, pdf, excel, etc), photos and videos. Unless otherwise agreed by the desk, you can travel in any direction:desk → group
desk → user
user → desk
user → group
user → user

the “desk” then has the ability to send e-mails, messages, files or “push” notifications to an entire group, or to a single user.

“Risk Map” entry

From the control panel it is possible to superimpose a “risk map” in KML format relating to a specific area (supplied upon request), to the standard map, so that it is visible both from the control panel and by its users on the App.