AnyHelp, the first App to make life easier and safer, to ask for help when you need it and to give help when you can do it. An App to always have with you that allows you to send requests for any kind of help, from the simplest daily problems, to serious emergencies for which it will automatically put you in touch with the public emergency service of your country as well as reporting to the community your location and the nature of the emergency. You will be able to report and receive reports relating to problems of public order or natural events, to avoid areas at risk or intervene if in the conditions of being able to do so. Follow on the map and stay in constant contact with your loved ones or create “safe groups” in the event of excursions, school trips, organized tours, or any situation in which you always want to have the position of the participants and the opportunity to communicate in real time with the group or individual participants, receiving automatic alarms or generated by a participant in difficulty.